10 Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Help You Grow Your Business

Finding clients who are interested in our services or willing to pay for the services is called Lead Generation. Generating leads isn’t a difficult task but generating quality leads is and you can resolve it with the help of proper planning and execution. You can achieve the best result if you follow a proper plan and reach potential clients in the right way. Today I will share 10 Proven Lead Generation Strategies to help you grow your business.

10 Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Help You Grow Your Business

What are Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation Strategies are the process of generating leads through a method. And here are 10 Lead Generation Strategies which you can adopt to grow your business.

10 Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Help You Grow Your Business

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1. Offer valuable content: Content Marketing comes first in mind whenever you are thinking about lead generation. Content is key to success and helps you generate both Inbound and Outbound leads.

Sharing valuable content doesn’t mean you have to share your company values and services it’s more about helping people with the help of content and answering queries if they have any. It will build your audience and helps you to generate more leads for your business.

Platforms where you can share valuable content, Medium, Quora, LinkedIn. These three are the best platform to share content.

2. Use social media: Social Media is one of the easiest ways to generate leads. You can use different Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to generate leads. You can share content, join groups, search, engage with potential customers, and run targeted ads. Social Media also helps in Brand Awareness and It is one of the sources from which you can receive Inbound leads.

Around 5 billion people use Social Media on a daily basis so this is the right platform to reach potential clients.

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3. Leverage search engine optimization (SEO): In Today’s world, we all know the importance of SEO and after the pandemic, it increased a lot cause everyone has to go online to do business and to be on the top they had to do SEO for their business to be in the race. SEO helps you to increase your Search Engine Ranking with the set of keywords. SEO will not reflect within a day or month it is a long-term process you have to be patient to see the results.

If you are not using SEO in your lead-generation strategies then you are missing the right opportunity to be on top of Google. And SEO also helps you to generate Inbound Leads.

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4. Run paid advertising campaigns: Paid advertisement is the only way to generate leads in an instant. There are different types of paid ad platforms which you can use to run your ad campaigns. Google Ads is the most used ad network by companies. And if you have a limited budget then you can use FB to run your ads its offers budget-friendly services and you can operate it on your own you don’t need anyone to run your campaign.

The best Ad network for paid campaigns is Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, FB ads, Twitter ads and Youtube Ads.

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5. Use email marketing: Email Marketing is one of the old lead generation strategies used by Businesses and they are still using it and generating a good number of leads in a month. You can also do the same, Use targeted and personalised emails to reach out the potential clients.

The subject line plays a vital role in opening an email so try different combinations of subject lines and monitor which one is giving you the best opening rate. Try not to be too salesy on the email pitch it will put a negative impact, keep your email short and crisp. Cause our main motive for email marketing is to connect with potential clients and start a conversation.

10 Proven Lead Generation Strategies to Help You Grow Your Business

6. Host webinars: Recently webinars are the most used method to generate leads. And as a host, you have to share your knowledge and experience with the audience. In webinars you have to cover all the aspects and mention the pain points a business faces and how can they resolve these hurdles.

7. Offer free trials or demos: Free Trials are the best way to gain the trust of potential clients. Most of the big companies give free trials or let clients use the free version of the tool with some limited features. For Example;- Ahrefs and Moz. These two are SEO tools and they offer some free tools in their services.

They gain their trust with the help of free trials and lure them to buy the premium version to utilise the full features of the tools.

8. Attend events and trade shows: Networking is one the method to increase your brand awareness and connect with businesses and potential clients. In Events and trade shows you can also see your competitors how they are dealing with the other businesses and what strategies are used by them

9. Partner with complementary businesses: You can Partner up with complementary businesses to increase your chances to connect with potential clients. For example:- If you have a Digital marketing company then you should partner up with web development companies so you can offer your services to the companies who recently have their website.

10. Use referral marketing: Referral Marketing is one the best lead generation strategies in which you have to connect with your existing clients and ask them to promote your services within their network.

You can also use an Affiliate network to promote your services. Affiliate marketing is the way to generate business with the help of an affiliate marketer where you have to share % of the profit with the affiliate marketer. The craze of Affiliate marketing is getting bigger and bigger so this is the right time to offer Affiliate links for your products and services.

Final Words

Lead generation is important for the business so better to adopt a perfect lead generation strategies for your business so you can never run out of leads. If you are using any other lead generation strategy for your business then it’s okay if you are getting a good result but you can also try these strategies to maximize your profit.

Always use more than one strategy for lead generation and try to adapt as many as possible cause we never know what’s going to happen. Don’t go overboard and do not try 10 or 20 strategies in a go. Adapt strategies as per your team’s capabilities, cause forcing something won’t give you a result.

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