15 Best Blog Promotion Sites to drive traffic

Promotion is an essential part of growing your blog and driving traffic to your website. As a new Blogger, it’s hard to get organic traffic to your website as we have a big and renowned player in the market.

Crafting good SEO-friendly content is insufficient to rank better and get more hits on your blog. i.e I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best blog promotion sites to drive traffic that you can use to boost your blog visibility and attract more readers.

Why did I mention only 15 sites?

I’ve checked multiple sites for website promotion to get traffic but it’s hard to share it on all the platforms at a time when you are doing it alone. Cause it will take time to circulate your latest blog link to different sites. So it’s better to share it on the sites where you’ll get the maximum users.

15 Best Blog Promotion Sites to drive traffic

LIST OF 15 Best Blog Promotion Sites to drive traffic

1. Facebook:- Sharing blogs on multiple sites will help you to boost your engagement and drive more traffic. And on Facebook, you can share it on your profile or your page but it would not reach enough members. It will be shown to them who followed you or your business page. So join multiple FB groups related to your niche and share your blogs there to get more hits on your new blog post. And Keep yourself engaged with the other members—posts on the groups so you can connect with them and have to subscribe to your email list.

15 Best Blog Promotion Sites to drive traffic

2. LinkedIn:- LinkedIn is the best platform if we talk about networking. You can create your audience by sharing valuable content on your profile and you can also join multiple groups on LinkedIn to get more exposure. LinkedIn is a place where you can get thousands of hits in a few hours if share it with the right audience. So always keep in mind to share your content in the related groups to get the right results. Use hashtags when you shared your blog on LinkedIn so others can find your blog with the relevant keywords.

3. Pinterest:- Pinterest is a great way to redirect more users to your website and it wouldn’t take too much time to upload your image and paste your link into the image. Pinterest had 450 million active users so don’t lose your presence on this platform. It will help you to get ranked at the top of Google.

Increase your reach by using multiple hashtags and paste your keywords on the alt txt field.

4. Twitter:- Companies and Individuals often neglect Twitter but it is one of the trending platforms where people come to see what’s new and what is trending now. Twitter sets trends and it’s popular among all age groups. Celebrities are also part of Twitter and share their tweets frequently which makes Twitter huge.

If you are providing the right value then Twitter is the right space for you to grow. Help others and create an organic user base.

Twitter Monetization – Eligibility Standards and Earning Methods, READ MORE…

5. Instagram:- Instagram is the fourth most popular social media platform in the world it has around 1.4 billion, monthly active users. It’s a photo-sharing platform where you can share your blog’s photos in stories and put your link into the story. Just click on the story button and upload your picture and click on the sticker button then you’ll see the link option in that click on that and paste your blog URL in that and you just hit the share button.

You can also create your business page on Instagram where you share valuable content to build your audience it can be reels or images with tips and tricks. Use related hashtags to wider your reach.

6. Reddit:- Reddit counts as one of the trusted sites due to its strict rules on subreddits you need karma to comment on any post and with the new account you are not able to participate in many subreddits. And these subreddits do not promote any kind of promotional content. So be careful to share something on the subreddits or they’ll ban you to participate in that. It will take time to earn karma on Reddit but once you have enough karma then you can easily promote your content on Reddit. And it will help you to grab the attention of other subscribers of the subreddit. The best way to promote your content on Reddit is to keep participating in other posts and share value.

7. Quora:- Quora is the biggest question-answer platform in the world. Quora has 300+ million monthly active users. It will be a good source for getting more hits on your blog. But quora won’t let you share links in the answer. So Create your quora space and share your content on this space. Paste your Opening of the blog and mention the headings in it then paste your blog link and publish it.

Now search for the question related to your blog post and paste your quora space post link into that after giving a brief introduction. With this strategy you can promote your blog and your quora space and your answer will easily get through the moderation process of quora.

8. SlideShare:- SlideShare is a platform where you can share your ppt and pdf. To share your blog on Slideshare you have to open google doc and copy your blog on that and put your blog links in that doc and download it in pdf mode. Then add this pdf on Slideshare whenever anyone clicks on your pdf and reads your blog they will also see your interlinking blog which leads them towards your website.

9. Tumblr:- Tumblr is a great platform when we talk about blog-sharing sites. You can share your blog link directly into Tumblr and you can also share photos, videos and text on Tumblr which will help you to get more visitors redirected to your website. And it will look like this:-

15 Best Blog Promotion Sites to drive traffic

10. Digg:- Digg is a platform where you can submit your blog URL and it will be published on the site. And it has around 5 million monthly visitors so it’s a great site for your content. It Wouldnt take more than 1 minute to share your blog on this platform. If you get around 10 clicks on your blog then it’s worth sharing your blog. So give it a try.

15 Best Blog Promotion Sites to drive traffic

11. Medium:- Medium is a platform where the user seeks information and it will play a great referral role for your website. The medium allows you to share links with the text. So just paste your introduction and headings of the blog and put the URL of your blog in read more. It will redirect all the users who landed on your medium post to your website.

12. Flipboard:- Flipboard is the best blog promotion site to drive traffic it’s like an online portfolio of your blog. Where you have to create your social magazine and under your magazine, you can publish your blog links and images.

13. Quuu Promote:- Quu Promote is paid platform where you can add your website and it will automatically gather all your blogs into place. And you can promote your blog from Quu promote but you have to pay some fees for that. It has three plans. Individual, Company and Agency plan. And the pricing of these plans is $50, $100 and $500 per month.

14. ViralContentbee:- Viral Content Bee Formerly known as Viral Content Buzz is a social media promotion network where you can add your blog to your project and make sure you used interlinking on your blog when you add it to Viral Content Bee. When you signed up on Viral content bee it will give you 10 credits which you can use to add your blog to that. And there are two ways to get credits. You can buy it from their website or you can share others’ content to get more credits.

15. Youtube:- Youtube is the biggest platform nowadays and its popularity is increasing day by day. It will be a great way to attract more users to your website. There are two ways you can share your blog links on youtube. Create your youtube channel and start creating your content on the description you can add your blog links and the second way is to participate in the comments on the related channel and share your link.


Promoting content on different sites is a great way to get more clicks without doing too much work. As it’s a lengthy process, it will take time to build your audience on different platforms.

While sharing it on different sites you can tag the business or website you are talking about in your blog so you can get a hit from them and you can also ask for reshare. If they liked your content they will share your content and it will give you a huge boost. And these free best blog promotion sites will help you to reach more users if you share the right value and use the right network for you as per your niche.

Join the Right groups on LinkedIn and Facebook so your content will be noticed by other members and also join the Pinterest board to share your content with others.

If we talk about other free best blog promotion sites then you can go for the different forums related to your niche, AllTop, Triberr and Pocket.

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  1. Wow, I haven’t even heard of some of these sites. Will definitely have to check out a few of the new ones you mention here, like Digg, Medium, and Flipboard. Thanks!

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