5 Best AI content Detector in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

AI is currently the new meta in this Digital World and ChatGPT ( OpneAI product) makes it more popular with its free version which helps you to generate Articles. codes and Sales Script. You can also create scripts for your videos with the help of ChatGPT as long you are using the right combination of keywords.

5 Best AI content Detector in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

There are many AI tools in the market like Jasper AI, Rytr and Content Bot etc. And everyone is offering excellent services, but you can’t rely on these tools. Cause Google can easily Detect AI-generated content with the help of its webmaster. And It will mark your content as spam and will put a negative impact on your website SEO.

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What is AI Content Detector?

AI Content Detector is a tool which helps you to find out how content is created, whether Is it created with the help of AI or purely human-generated Content. In Today’s world content can be created by two methods Human-generated content and AI-generated content.

Human-Generated Content: When content crafted by the human itself is called human-generated content.

AI-Generated Content: When Individuals/Companies used AI writing tools to prepare the content is called AI-Generated Content.

Why AI content Detector is Important for the Business

Content is the foremost need for every business. And it is the strongest pillar of a business in this Digital World For businesses. They often write Blogs/Articles to provide the right information to their users.

Bloggers Hire Ghostwriters to write articles on their websites and Business hire content writers to write articles on their websites. So it’s important to cross-check the content before publishing because you don’t want to mark it as spam.

5 Best AI content Detector

You cannot tell the difference between AI and Human-generated content and for that, you need AI content Detector tools to find out the AI content.

5 Best AI content Detector in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

Here are the 5 Best AI content Detector tools you can use in 2023.

1. Originality.ai: Originality AI is a Plagiarism Checker and AI Detector tool for business. It a paid and doesn’t not any free trials. You need credits to run the test on this platform. In 1 Credit you can check 100 words and it costs around $0.01 per credit. And to start you have to spend $20 for 2000 Credits.

It can also detect Content crafted through ChatGPT. They are also planning to add the full-site scan button to the platform.

2. Writer AI Content Detector: Without login or signup You can run a Free test with the help of an AI content Detector. Just submit the article link and copy your text and click the start button.

It has some other features too like Content Strategy Automation, Styleguide and Cowrite etc. It has 2 plans. Team plan and an Enterprise plan. The team plan(1-5 people) cost $18 per month. And for Enterprise you need to connect with the Sales team.

3. Hugging Face: Hugging Face is also a product of OpenAI like ChatGPT. Hugging Face is available for Free. It has a simple interface and can help you to detect AI-Generated Content.

This tool is specially designed for the AI and machine learning segment of professionals o test various ideas.

4. Copyleaks: With the help of Copyleaks you can check plagiarism and Ai-generated content. The company also claims that their tool can detect ChatGPT-generated content too.

Some of the copyleaks other features are, Code plagiarism checker, LMS Integrations, File Comparison Tool, and Ai Grading Tool.

CopyLeaks AI Text Detector is in beta mode so it’s free to use for now.

5. Crossplag: CrossPlag helps you to detect AI-generated content to ensure the authenticity of the work. They also claim their software can detect the ChatGPT-generated content and it is easy to use. It offers free AI content Detector just paste your text and check the accuracy.

My Take on AI Content Detector

In this Fast paced business environment, content is the key to success. If you provide the right information to the end users then your chances of survival till the end will increase automatically.

As we have seen how AI is evolving day by day and businesses must take some steps to avoid lethal damage to their online presence. And these AI content detectors can help you to be in the Race.

If you are planning to move towards free AI content Detector then Writer is a great tool for you. And if you are looking for more advanced features then Originality AI, Copyleaks and Crossplag will be the right option for you.

Can Google Detect AI content?

Yes, Google Clearly indicated that in their last update. Low-value content and AI content will not rank in google.

Free AI Content Detector?

Writer AI Content Detector is Free to use

What will happen if Google finds out Content is Generated through AI?

Ai Content is against google webmaster guidelines and Google will mark it as Spam. It will also affect your website ranking.

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