5 Best Free Structured Data Markup Online Tools

5 Best Free Structured Data Markup Online Tools

Structured data markup is a way to help make your web pages more searchable. This markup can make it easier for search engines, like Google and Bing, to understand what information on the webpage is structured and what isn’t, in turn helping them show your content more prominently in search results. Today we will talk about the 5 Best Free Structured Data Markup online Tools for free which help you to Fix SEO errors and can help you to improve your Search Engine ranking.

6 Best Free Structured Data Markup Online Tools

Let’s lighten up all the talk about algorithmic writing in marketing as there are many other new ways that artificial intelligence, specifically deep learning, stands to benefit marketers. The latest comes in the form of structured data, also known as schema markup— or different types of tags and attributes added to a web page’s HTML code. These codes reference specific types of information hidden in one place on a page and controlled by search engines like Google.

Best Free Structured Data Markup Online Tools

1.       Google Rich Result

2.       Schema.org

3.       Microsoft Bing Markup Validator

4.        JSON-LD Playground

5.       SEO Site Checkup Structured Data Test

5 Best Free Structured Data Markup Online Tools

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Google Rich Result:- 

Google’s Rich Result Test is a great way to see if your site is eligible for rich results. Rich results are special search results that include things like images, videos, and other information that can help users find what they’re looking for. The test is simple: enter your URL and see if your site is eligible for rich results. If it is, you’ll see a preview of what your site could look like in search results. If not, you’ll see an error message about why your site isn’t eligible.  Either way, the Rich Result Test is a valuable tool for understanding how Google sees your site and what you can do to improve your chances of appearing in rich results.


Schema.org is a vocabulary used to mark up data on the web. It is an initiative by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! to create a shared set of schemas for structured data markup. This markup can be read by both humans and computers, enabling rich search results and other types of content analysis.

The purpose of Schema.org is to make the web more useful for people and machines alike while making it easier for people to publish information online in a standard format that can be readily understood by both people and computer applications.

Microsoft Bing Markup Validator

Bing is one of the best Structured Data Markup tools created to help webmasters validate the markup of their web pages. It is a type of automated service that can help you identify errors in your code.

It validates the markup of your webpage, checks for errors and helps you fix them. It also provides feedback about what went wrong and how to fix it.

JSON-LD Playground

JSON-LD Playground is a Chrome extension that helps developers to explore the JSON-LD format and experiment with it.

JSON-LD is a great way to share structured data on the web. It’s also easy for humans to read and write, which makes it perfect for machine-to-machine interaction. The JSON-LD Playground extension lets you explore this markup language in an interactive environment, without having to download any other software or make any configuration changes.

It’s also easy to share your work with others because your JSON-LD code will be visible in the browser window as you type it!

SEO Site Checkup Structured Data Test

SEO Site Checkup is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps you identify and fix structured data errors on your website.

It will also give you a summary of the SEO health of your site.

If you are a webmaster or SEO specialist, this tool will be an invaluable companion for your work. It will help you find and fix errors in structured data markup, which can lead to better ranking on Google SERPs

These are the Best Free Structured Data Markup online tools used by professionals. And If you want to use any other tool you can also use the end purpose of these to provide the right information so you can achieve the best result.

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