5 Free email extractor tools in 2023

Lead Generation is an important aspect of a business and we cannot neglect that. A lead help us to generate revenue when we convert into a paying customer. You cannot sell anything until you have the leads.

And Email marketing is one of the old and best methods for lead generation but it can be a time-consuming and tedious task if you are doing it manually. In this blog post, we will discuss the best 5 free email extractor tools in 2023 which can help you to extract emails of your future clients within seconds so you can reach them to sell your product and services.

5 Free email extractor tools in 2023

What is Email Extractor?

Email Extractor is a software or tool which helps in extracting email of the potential clients without doing any manual work. It will save time and effort and build an email list easily.

Free Email Extractor Tools

5 Free email extractor tools in 2023

1. Hunter.io:- Hunter io is one of the best email extractor tools in that market. This helps you to find the email of the prospects and verify emails also. Hunter also offers a Free version where you can get 25 emails and also get 50 email verification.

It’s easy to use just paste the domain in the search section and it will show you the result email associated with the domains. To check the legitimacy of the email verify it through the hunter email verifier.

If you need more requests, you can upgrade to the paid plan. Hunter io offers 4 paid plans.

  • Starter:- You can do 500 monthly searches for $49
  • Growth:- You can do 2500 monthly searches for $99
  • PRO:- You can do 10,000 monthly searches for $199
  • Business:- You can do 30,000 monthly searches for $399

Try Best Lead Generation tools in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

2. Chrome Email Extractor:- Chrome Email Extractor is an extension which you can install on your chrome browser. It will help you to extract data from the website. Just open the website and click on the chrome email extractor and it will curate a list of emails related to the website.

Chrome Email Extractor has Free and Paid versions. You can extract email from the free version but it will lack the features like Automation and autosave.

3. Email Drop:- Email Drop is an extension which helps to extract data from webpages and export them into a file. It’s Easy and simple to use.

Some of the strength of Email Drop is:-

* Clean, Simple & Fast
* Detect Fuzzy Strings (like @2x.png)
* Intelligent Engine

4. Aeroleads:- Aeroleads is a one-stop solution for all. Its offers email extraction from websites as well as from Social media like LinkedIn and more. You can also find the phone number of the leads with the help of Aeroleads.

Aeroleads is a paid platform but it does offer a free plan with some monthly limit and credits automatically refilled after a month so don’t worry if you run out of the free monthly credits.

5 Free email extractor tools in 2023

Important features of Aeroleads

  • Search 650M+ Profiles
  • All-in-one Chrome Extension
  • Automate Prospecting with our Pro Plugin
  • Email Verifier and Email Finder
  • Upload your data to find emails
  • Integration with your favourite CRM!
  • Add 2500 LinkedIn or Sales Navigator prospects with a single click

5. FindThatLead:- Findthatlead is a powerful tool for email extraction and email verifier tools. You can extract email from websites and LinkedIn.

It’s easy to use All you need to do is enter the person’s name and the domain name, and the tool will return a list of email addresses associated with that person and domain.

FindThatLeads offers a free monthly plan where you will get 50 credits in a month. and its other plans are

5 Free email extractor tools in 2023


These are the best email extractor I’ve come across that offer free trials and a monthly free quota of credits. You can use these tools to extract emails from websites and Social Media platforms. And you don’t have to be a pro to use these tools.

These are easy to use and you can easily download their extension into the browser and use it whenever you want. If you run out of the monthly credit of tools opt for the paid version or signup for new tools to use its free monthly quota.

Try these tools and build your email database and increase your lead flow.

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