7 Best AI Software for Businesses in 2023

Best AI Software for Businesses in 2023

Day by Day, our industry is moving towards new technologies, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the current technology taking over all the technologies in 2023. OpenAI ChatGPT is proof of that. It launched at the end of 2022. and still, ChatGPT is the news everywhere.

In this blog, we will cover the Best AI Software for Businesses in 2023 which can help businesses to save time if it’s about writing content for your website or logo design or video editing this software helps to do it easily.

What is AI Software?

AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is the technology which reduces human effort and does tasks and help companies and individuals automate their process. AI Tools can save a lot of time if it’s used efficiently.

7 Best AI Software For Businesses in 2023

1. ChatGPT:- Everyone knows about ChatGpt and it’s one of a kind. When openAI launched Chatgpt its spread like a fire into the market and everyone talking about it.

I Personally didn’t prefer to write a full article with the help of Chatgpt. So How can you use it? Chatgpt can be used to generate the sales script for your email marketing and you can generate the outline of the Article/blog with the help of Chatgpt it will save you time and provide you with the right outline and the outline gives you the idea and a proper structure for your blog. This will help you to craft a blog of more than 1000 words with ease

Write your blog in your own words and do not copy or try chatgpt to write It for you. Cause reader always wants the human element when they are reading a blog.

Best AI Software for Businesses in 2023

Pros and Cons of ChatGPT

2. Mid Journey:- MidJourney is second in the list of Best AI Software for Businesses cause it provides identity to businesses. Just like How we recognize Addidas with his three stripes. Midjourney helps businesses to create logos for their business. And it creates better logos than other Free Logo creator apps.

You need to log in with your discord account to create logos with mid-journey. Here is the link to the youtube video which can help you to create a logo for your business.

Creating AI-Generated Logos Using MidJourney by Matt Wolfe

Best AI software for Businesses in 2023

3. FireFiles AI:- Taking notes is one of the important aspects of business meetings but while talking it’s difficult to write down notes and FireFiles AI software helps you there with taking notes with the help of this software. You can also use these to send the main points in an email after the call with your clients and it will put a professional impact on them.

You can easily IntegrateFireFiles AI with apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Teams Webex, Ringcentral, Aircall and other platforms. It Automatically records and transcribes meetings

Best AI Software for Businesses in 2023

4. Salesforce Einstein:- Salesforce Einstein is an AI-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which helps you to maintain your leads in a proper way, Einstein can create an email body to connect with the lead and it can also help you to create the landing pages for lead generation. He can do everything for you just ask the right question.

Dig Deeper with their demo video to know more about it.

Best AI Software for Businesses in 2023

5. IBM Watson:- IBM Watson AI helps businesses and organizations to automate complex machine learning processes, optimize their employee’s time, and predict future outcomes.

Pricing of the Professional pack is $80 per user and if you need detailed pricing then it requires a custom quote. Contact their sales team and they will provide you with the best quote as per your needs.

6. Grammarly: Grammarly is an online writing assistant which helps you to write better without any grammatical mistakes. It also shows suggestions for the word you can use in your scripts or blog to make it more professional.

It also has tone detection which can help you to write the blog in the right tone. You can use Grammarly for free but it has limited functions. Except for the free version they have other two plans. Premium plan and Business Plan.

7. Originality.ai: In today’s fast-paced tech world Originality AI is one of the best AI software for businesses to check the content origin. Originality AI is a Plagiarism Checker and AI Detector tool for business. It a paid and doesn’t not any free trials. You need credits to run the test on this platform. In 1 Credit you can check 100 words and it costs around $0.01 per credit. And to start you have to spend $20 for 2000 Credits.

It can also detect Content crafted through ChatGPT. They are also planning to add the full-site scan button to the platform.

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