9 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers in 2023

9 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers in 2023

Blogging is definitely a hard nut to crack when you are looking to pursue your career as a blogger. It required a lot of effort and time to achieve the goal. You’ll not start earning when you start blogging cause it required minimum content and you have to follow google adsense guidelines to get approval on google adsense. So you have to be consistent and patient while you start your career as a Blogger.

There are various ways to save time and increase productivity and In this blog, we will cover the best Chrome extensions for bloggers it will help you with content writing, SEO, Finding keywords etc.

Why do we Choose the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers?

Chrome is the most used Browser in the world. Out of 100 around 66 people are using Chrome as their browser. And you can’t find extensions for every browser but you’ll definitely find one for Chrome.

Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

1. Grammarly:- Blogging is all about writing content and Grammarly offers a free chrome extension which helps you to craft beautiful articles without any spelling, punctuation, styling, tone, or grammatical errors.

Grammarly offers Free and Paid Plans. I’m using its free plan and it covers all the basic requirements. If you are a newbie like me then you can start with the free plan and you can use Grammarly in almost every website.

Grammarly paid plan costs $12 per month and it will help you with vocabulary and rewriting the sentence. Once you start earning with your blog than would recommend going with the premium version of Grammarly.

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2. MozBar:- Moz is an SEO tool and with the help of its Chrome extension you can see the DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), backlinks, and spam scores of the website in google search results.

You can use Mozbar to find the keyword for your blog by using his extension on the google result. Just search for the keyword and see who is ranking at the top and see their DA and backlinks if it’s low then it’s a green flag for you.

9 best chrome extensions for bloggers in 2023

3. ChatGPT:- ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool and recently OPenAI launched its extension. It’s the best extension for bloggers, you can save a lot of time with the help of ChatGPT.

I’d didn’t recommend writing an article with ChatGPT but you can generate the title of your blog and you can also use ChatGPt to generate an outline for your blog. It will help you to reduce your time in creating the outline. You can also search for the image idea for your blog post.

4. Keyword Everywhere:- Finding keywords is one hell of a task for bloggers. Keywords are playing the main role in ranking an article at the top of the google search result. Mainly in blogs, we use a main keyword and use other keywords (LSI) so we can rank at top of the google with different keywords.

Keyword Everywhere extension will help you to find the keywords. It will show the SEO difficulty of the keyword and also show related keywords which you can use in your keywords.

9 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers in 2023

As you can see in the image the keyword everywhere is showing results and keywords.

5. WP Hive:- As Blogger we had to use so many plugins on our WordPress website. This puts an impact on the speed of the website and with the help of WPHive, you can find which plugin is causing trouble for you.

It shows how many resources are consumed by the plugin so you can easily identify the culprit behind your website’s slow rate.

6. SEO Search Simulator:- It’s one of the best extensions for bloggers I’ve ever come across, we always want to know where our blog is ranking. And with the help of the Search Simulator extension you can search at which position your blog is ranking.

To check the ranking of your blog just click on the extension and add your search query as per your keywords and select the location and paste your blog link and perform a search it will show the position of your blog if its lands in 100 results.

7. Hunter:- Hunter is the best tool when we talked about email scrapping. With the help of the hunter extension, you can find the email from the website you visited. You’ll get 50 free credits per month. You can use it to build your email list.

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8. MailTrack:- Sending emails is one of the oldest ways to increase your audience as a blogger, and almost every blogger is doing that. But sending an email is not enough until someone reads it, with the help of the Mailtrack extension we can know who opened our email so we can schedule our follow-up messages accordingly and track our email opening ratio.

9. Buffer:- After crafting an article a blogger has to share it on a different social media platform to get traction on the blog and with the help of buffer extension you can do it with just one click. Buffer is compatible with almost every social media platform and with its free version, you can share and schedule posts on 3 social media platforms.

Final Words on Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Chrome Extension can be very useful if you are looking to start blogging as a career. Most of the extensions are free to use and you can easily find what you are looking for with the help of these extensions.

You can easily find the keyword, Check the DA and backlinks of your competitors so you can copy their strategy to build the backlink for your website. You can build your email list for your blog promotion. You can share your blog on Social Media with just one click.

You can also check your blog ranking as per the location, And craft your blog without any grammatical mistakes with the help of Grammarly.

Hope this list of the Best extension for bloggers help you to achieve your goals.

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