Best Ad Network for Lead Generation in 2023

Everyone knows how important Lead generation is for a business and without a lead no one can survive in this Fast paced business world.

And there is no particular niche where you will not find competition. So it’s better to focus on the lead generation strategies rather than find a niche with low competition.

You can use Different Strategies for Lead Generation but no one will give you result instantly like the paid ads. Like SEO, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long-term process and its result is shown after some time. Paid ads are expensive as we have to pay for the advertisement to be on the top of the Search Result. But due to the competition Paid ads to overlap the SEO because if a person looking for a service google shows an ad at the front of the search result (and this is what google does). So Chances of being at the top of Google Search results can be done through Paid ads.

Best Ad Network for Lead Generation in 2023

Best AD Network for Lead Generation

1. Google Ads – Google ADs is one of the renowned and old AD networks in the list. Google ADs is launched on 23rd October 2000. and it is the first online advertisement model. From that day they didn’t look back, it evolved so much that everyone knows about google and more than 80% of internet users use Google as their Search engine.

And the average conversion rate is around 5% which is good enough. It can go up and it depends on you how you treat your leads.

Pros of Google ads:-

  1. Through Google ads, you can find every kind of lead.
  2. It has the widest range among all Ad networks.
  3. You can measure your Success.
  4. Instant Results.
  5. High Return on Investment

Cons of Google ads:-

  1. Must have the right landing page and the right information to get potential clients.
  2. High CPC (cost per click) if you are in a highly competitive industries
  3. Overcrowded ( As Google ads are always the first priority of the companies to run paid ads)
  4. A trained person is needed to do keyword research and run the ad campaign.

2. LinkedIn ADs – LinkedIn is the biggest professional network ever where you can reach thousands of businesses. And the chances of lead generation are high if you choose the right product or services to promote through ads. On July 23, 2013, LinkedIn announced that they will now start the sponsored post and ads for different companies.

Pros of LinkedIn Ads

  1. Right customer mindset ( As everyone on LinkedIn is a professional so it’s a highly specific audience.)
  2. Better Engagement ( Chances are high to get into the engagement with the prospects easily)
  3. You can create multiple types of ads (Inmails. Images. Videos, Content Etc)

Cons of LinkedIn Ads

  1. It’s hard to find leads for every business on LinkedIn
  2. CPC ( Cost per Click) is comparatively high than other networks.
  3. Geographical Limitation (It’s hard to run ads for a particular place)
Best Ad Network for Lead Generation in 2023

3. Facebook – Facebook is a revolutionary social media platform and we all know about FB. Nowadays it’s right to say that you can find any person or business on Facebook. It can connect you with your old friends and open new opportunities to connect with new people and explore the world.

It also has a monetization policy in which you can earn money by posting photos and videos to your account page.

Meta is the Parent Company of FB. Meta also has some other Big products under his Sleeves.

Pros of FB Ads

  1. Wide Customer Reach ( Around 2.6 billion monthly active users are on FB so you can reach the maximum number of prospects on FB)
  2. Lead Generation ( You can generate the maximum number of leads on FB)
  3. Easy to set up the campaign.
  4. Cost-Effective

Cons of FB Ads

  1. Competition ( As Fb offers cost-effective ads, It attracts many companies to explore the platform at a low cost)
  2. Not suitable for every business ( FB banned some categories to display their ads on the platform please read the mandatory guidelines before jumping into the FB Ads)

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4. Twitter ADs – Twitter is also a Social Platform but it’s totally different from others. It covers everything From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary. And, If you are looking for current trends just follow Twitter and you’ll know you have 280 words to share your experience and stories with others. Twitter first announced in April 2010 that it would begin showing ads.

Pros of Twitter Ads

  1. Low Competition ( Twitter has Low competition comparatively to other Ad networks)
  2. No Geographical Limitations ( You can set targets easily on Twitter)
  3. Can reach maximum numbers of people on Twitter as people seek information from Twitter.

Cons of Twitter Ads

  1. Expensive ( Twitter ads can be expensive if you didn’t have an eye on it)
  2. Moderation ( You cannot launch your ad in a go. It will go to the moderation first and it will take up to 6 days for some advertisers)
  3. User-Friendly (It’s not so user-friendly in comparison to Google ads and FB ads)

5. Youtube ADS – Youtube is a platform where you can watch and share videos. Youtube also provides an opportunity to start your career and its opens new gates for companies to sponsor their products and services by different YouTubers. YouTube began running in-video ads in August 2007. And nowadays Video ads have more demand.

Pros of Youtube Ads

  1. Better Reach ( More than 4 billion monthly active users give you an opportunity to generate more leads)
  2. Direct Contact with the Audience
  3. Helpful in Brand Awareness
  4. Targeted Niche ( You can target a particular niche or geographical location easily)
  5. Emotional Connect (as it has the video ads it gives you the upper hand to connect with the prospects emotionally)

Cons of Youtube Ads

  1. Expensive ( Video ads are expensive in terms of other ads, So you need a big budget if you are opting for Youtube ads for lead generation)
  2. Skippable ( A user can easily skip your ads or purchase a youtube subscription for ad-free streaming)


There are hundreds of advertising networks on the market today but not all of them will be relevant for your business. You should carefully research selected networks before signing up with one of them to make sure that they are a good match for your needs, goals and budget.

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