Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Increase Engagement in 2023

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Increase Engagement in 2023

Social Media is the best platform if you are looking to connect with users and Facebook is the King of Social Media. It has More than 2 million daily active users which make this platform more useful to connect with users.

In this blog post, we will cover the best Facebook groups for Bloggers to increase engagement in 2023. These Facebooks groups not only help you to increase engagement but also help you to understand the full potential of blogging.

Facebook has almost all types of audiences From Agriculture to Technology. If you have been planning to increase your engagement with the help of Facebook then you should join groups first and engage with others so they’ll know more about you.

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Increase Engagement in 2023

Having a general discussion leads you towards making a new connection with the other group members. That’s why it’s necessary to engage in a discussion so you can learn new things and showcase your skills too.

The Blogging Squad:- The Blogging Squad is an online community for bloggers. On this Facebook group, Blogger & Influencer support group. In this group are: Bloggers, you can share your latest blog/social media posts in our daily threads. You can also post threads if you need any help, looking for collaborations, etc.

The Blogging Suad has 11.8k members and they are actively participating in the group. So it makes it a better group if you are looking to boost your blog. The group is private you need to send them joining requests and answer some questions.

Blogging Boost:- Blogging Boost has 33k members. And In this group you will have the opportunity to, connect with other bloggers, share your posts, learn the ins and outs of blogging online!

This group is more about connecting with others and sharing your valuable knowledge.

Blogger Supporting Bloggers:- Blogger Supporting Bloggers are one of the best Facebook groups to join to increase engagement on your blog through different platforms. You can not post your blog link directly on the wall of the group instead of that they have dedicatedly scheduled their daily posting so you can leverage all of the other social media platforms too.


MONDAY: Blog Post, Q&A Thread

TUESDAY: Facebook

WEDNESDAY: YouTube & Pinterest


FRIDAY: Instagram, Backlink Builder

SATURDAY: Favor Thread

SUNDAY: Blogger of the week

Best Facebook Groups for Specific Niches

BLOGGERS AND TRAVELERS:- BLOGGERS AND TRAVELERS is a worldwide group of travel lovers, bloggers, photographers, and writers and it has 75.9k members which makes it one of the best groups if you are looking for exposure for your new blog or vlog.

World Food Bloggers☑️:- Are you a Foodie? or love to write about food then this FB group is for you. You can directly share your recipe blog in the group and the group has 72.5k members. If only 1% (725) of members will see your blog then it’s worth sharing it.

WORLD FASHION BLOGGERS:- Are you writing a blog in the fashion industry then this blog is the best for you. You can also publish all content related to the fashion bloggers group, ask for collaborations and write suggestions for other members.

The Group has 67.4k members and you can share your blog link if it’s in English as the group has members from around the world so only English is accepted.

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Best Facebook Groups for Technical Support

If you are a blogger then you are already opting for technology for your website and you can not run away from it. So it’s better to know the basic things so you can solve them by yourself and it would not impact your productivity.

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Increase Engagement in 2023

WordPress Explained – Help for Beginners:- The group has 20.8k members and you can ask question-related about your issue and you’ll get the solution from the group members. The main objective of the group is to share knowledge about WordPress and help people without tech-background to create their WP websites.

Final Words on Best Facebook Groups for bloggers

Facebook groups are the best if you are looking to increase your user base as a new blogger. Connect with the group members share your thoughts and help others by providing the right information.

Follow the group’s rules so you don’t get barred from posting your link to the group. Do not spam the group by posting the same link again and again.

Join 4-5 groups at starting so you can easily manage the group activities and leverage your other social media platform with the help of these groups.

These are the best Facebook groups I’ve came crossed you can join these groups or you can search groups on FB. Just go to the search bar and use keywords related to your niche and select groups and choose which suits best for your business/blog.

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