Best Lead Generation tools in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

Best Lead Generation tools in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

Lead Generation is a difficult task and it takes time to arrange and manage leads manually as a business you cannot overlook the lead generation process.

With the help of these Best Lead Generation Tools, you can manage your leads easily and increase your chances to convert these leads into sales.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a process of finding the right prospect for the product/services we are offering. The main objective of lead generation is to turn prospects into real-time buyers for the products and services we are offering.

Lead Generation is one of the most important pillars of every business to run for a longer period. Lead Generation is divided into two categories. Inbound Leads and Outbound leads.

1. Inbound Leads:- When a client directly approaches you through one of your clients who refers someone from their personal or professional network or someone approaches you directly by finding you online.

2. Outbound Leads:- When someone reaches out after seeing your promotion online on google or social media or you reached someone to sell your product/services is outbound leads.

There are various methods of lead generation like Email marketing, cold calling, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid ads etc.

Why do you need the Best Lead Generation Tools and how it will help you?

Lead Generation tools help you to capture details of the people who are soon interested in your product and services without any manual work. It will automatically put their information into the lead section which will help you to reach them accordingly,

And these tools help you to send emails to prospects and you can also set follow-up on the emails. You can also manage all of your social media accounts with the help of these tools.

List of Best Lead Generation Tools

Best Lead Generation tools in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

1. LeadPages:- Leadpages helps you to create websites and creative landing pages which will help you to get the client’s details and you can easily connect it with your CRM so the details of the clients will automatically be saved in the CRM.

There are thousands of pre-defined templates are available in the Leadpages which you can use for your landing pages. You’ll find the template which is best suitable for you. Just put your logo in there and select the colour which complements your website.

LeadPages is a paid platform but it does offer free trials. It has two plans Standard plan which cost $37 per month and the Pro plan which cost $74 per month.

The best way to check whether LeadPages is good for you or not is to opt for the free trial of Leadpages and observe the result.

2. OptiMonster:– With Optimonster you can do multiple things. You can create stunning lead capture forms with the help of Optimonster and you didn’t have to create them they have hundreds of pre-defined structures which you can use.

Optimonster also helps you in AB Testing, Creating a Visually Stunning Offer, Target and Personalize Your Offers with Behavior Automation and Test and Adjusting in Real Time.

Optimonster has four plans.

a. Basic Plan:- Monthly plan starts from $16 per month and if you opt for the annual subscription, it will cost $9 per month.

b. Plus plan:- Plan Starts from $32 per month and if you opt for the annual subscription then $32 per month

c. Pro Plan:- Plan starts from $49 per month and if you opt for the annual subscription then it’s $29 per month.

d. Growth: Plan:- Plan Starts from $82 per month and if you opt for the annual subscription then it is $49 per month.

Optimonster doesn’t offer any free trials but offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’ll not get the correct response with the help of optimonster.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:- Linkedin Sales Navigator is one of the best lead generation tools for networking. There are various ways to generate leads from LinkedIn. You can generate both inbound and outbound leads with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

You can also use LinkedIn for brand awareness and can share valuable content to increase your audience. LinkedIn is offering one month trial for Sales Navigator. Linkedin Sales Navigator price starts from $100 per month. ( Read how to get sales Navigator for three months at $50)

How to find web design clients on LinkedIn in 2023…

4. Hello Bar:- Pop-up messages always look cool and Hello Bar makes it easy for you to create your pop-up message. Whether it a building an email list or providing information about the new launch.

With the help of Hello Bar, You can select your audience and the targeted location where you want to show these ads. Hello, Bar is offering Free Trail where you can collect up to 5000 emails in a month. But you can’t choose the custom message to display on the website.

Types of Popups in Hello Bar

Bars:- Persistent header and footer bars that scroll with your visitors.

Modals:- Popups that appear to capture visitors’ attention at key moments.

Alerts:- Small floating messages to provide user prompts and engagement.

Sliders:- Engaging sliders that rotate through relevant content.

Page Takeovers:- Full-screen takeovers for when you want to get your visitor’s full attention.

Hello Bar Plans

Best Lead Generation tools in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

5. Hubspot:- It’s not possible to go a list without the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) if we are talking about the best lead generation tools. As a business, we’ve been doing so many things to generate leads and CRM Like Hubspot help us to gather all the pieces in one place.

Hubspot helps you to manage your inbound marketing campaign, and paid campaign and helps you to schedule your blog post and increase visitors by providing the right SEO tips.

Hubspot has two different segments in the pricing one for Individuals and Small Teams and the second for Businesses and Enterprises.

Individuals and Small teams:- It has two plans. Starter plans cost $18 per month and the second is the Professional plan and which cost USD 800 per month in this segment Hubspot also offers free tools.

Businesses and Enterprises:- It has two plans, the Professional plan and which cost $800 per month and the second is Enterprise plan which cost $3600 per month.

6. LeedFeeder:- Inbound leads are always easy to convert into sales and LeedFeeder help you to generate details of the Potential clients who has been visited your website.

  • Turn anonymous traffic into real company names
  • Reveal the exact behaviour of the companies visiting your website
  • Identify remote workers with Leadfeeder’s unique database of static and dynamic IPs.

LeedFeeder offers a free trial where you can see Data from the last 7 days, and you can identify 100 Companies maximum with the free trials. And it has paid plan and it cost €139 per month.

7. Hootsuite:- In Today’s world Social Media is one of the best lead generation tools for business. Business is using social media for brand awareness and building their audience.

Social media helps businesses to create an image of their brand in the mind of their prospects. It’s a time taking process to share content on every social media platform to build an audience. And with the help of Hootsuite Software, you can manage all of your social media accounts from a place and schedule your post accordingly.

If you are new and didn’t know how to manage Hootsuite don’t worry they are offering classes and demos on how to utilize Hootsuite at its full potential. It also offers a 30-day free trial so opt for it and engage with your social media audience with ease.

8. Woorise:- Adding new customers is great but don’t lose your existing customers. And Woorise helps in capturing new clients as well as in customer retention.

With the help of Woorise, you can create giveaways, contests and Quizzes to lure the customer. You can create a survey to know the clients thinking and change your product and services according to that.

Woorise is offering a Free Plan and three paid plans. The basic plan costs $23 per month, and Grow plan costs $39 per month, and the pro plan $79 per month.

9. Mobile Monkey:- Text messages are commonly used in the business now. If you are looking to create an account you’ll receive an OTP. If you need to login into the account you need an OTP. We’ve also received a lot of text from the companies about their product and services and their current offers.

It’s not only the demand on the business its also a customer wants for security purposes and to know the offers so they can save money. And Mobile Monkey helps you with that.

Mobile Monkey helps you send messages to your existing clients and also helps you set up an SMS campaign to generate more leads for your business.

SMS marketing is a great way to generate leads cause around 86% of the world’s population is using smartphones.

10. Qualaroo:– We’ve always heard the phrase Change is necessary and it applies to businesses. But we cannot change anything about the product and services without the market studies and for that, we required feedback and Qualaroo helps in getting feedback from the email surveys.

  • 10x more valuable than email surveys
  • Ask the right question at the right time
  • Ask delightfully & politely
  • AI-powered analytics & reports
  • Install once, never slows your page
Best Lead Generation tools in 2023 ( Free and Paid)
Qualaroo Pricing

11. Datanyze:- Datanyze helps in finding the prospect’s details like email, phone number and website from LinkedIn. Just Install the Datanyze Chrome extension and you are good to go.

With the help of its chrome extension, you can curate the email and phone numbers of potential clients and reach them to sell out your product and services. It helps you to find Outbound Leads for your business.

It has two plans Pro1 and Pro2. Pro1 costs $21 per month and Pro2 costs $39 per month if you opt for the annual subscription. They also offer a free trial where you can get details of 10 leads in a month.

12. Mailchimp:- Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of lead generation and it’s still effective many businesses are using email marketing in their lead generation strategy. and Mailchimp helps you to create the best email marketing campaign automatically.

You can send n number of emails with a click. You can also create a lead capture form with the help of MailChimp.

Mailchimp offers a free trial in which you can send 1000 emails in a month.

Pricing of Mailchimp

13. Outreach is the single platform — and the single source of truth — for AEs and their managers. It streamlines every sales activity into an intelligent sales workflow. By connecting data across every interaction from each deal, Outreach surfaces insights that help the entire team drive better sales outcomes. As a result, sales teams can drive more revenue while lowering costs and risks across the organization.

Pricing of the software is not available on the website to know the pricing you have to fill out the form on the website then their sales team will reach you.

14. Zapier:- As a Sales representative or lead generation guy it’s difficult to keep up with all the tasks. Because except for the scheduled meeting they had their daily task which takes time and to save automation is required.

Zapier is a great software if we talk about automated tasks and removing redundant and repetitive tasks. Zapier supports more than 5000+ apps it more than any other platform, so you can connect the tools you use today—and tomorrow.

Zapier Pricing

15. SEMrush:- If you are looking to run your business for the long run then you need to grow the organic audience. And content is the best way to increase your audience organically.

SEmrush helps you to find the best SEO strategies to rank top on google and also Lets you know the health status of your website. You can Semrush to see how your competitors are ranking above you and what are they keywords they are targeting. Competitors analysis will help you to tap the untouched market.

Semrush Do offer a free plan but it has some limitations and with his paid plan he is also offering a 7-day trial.

Best Lead Generation tools in 2023 ( Free and Paid)

Final Words on Best Lead Generation Tools

Lead Generation Tools help you automate the process and save your time so you can spend more time on lead generation and closing the leads to increase sales.

It’s not necessary to opt for all the tools at a time. You can try tools one by one and they are also offering free trials so it will easy for you to check which tool is best for your business before spending any money on that.

Semrush is the must-have tool if you are looking to grow your organic audience cause and the only way is to do that through content with the help of SEO you can have your content at the top of Google.

Hope this list can help you to automate your process. Keep Hunting!

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