Best LinkedIn message templates for Sales

LinkedIn is one of the most important social platforms for creating new professional connections and provides many opportunities to convert them into sales. Today I will share the Best LinkedIn Message templates for sales which you can use at the time of sending connect request.

You can use different techniques to generate more leads through Linkedin. It also offers a tool called LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which helps you to save all the leads at a place, and you can visit as many profiles as you want.

Why LinkedIn is the best Professional Platform

57 million organizations and around 900 million profiles registered on LinkedIn i.e LinkedIn is the primary source for networking.  The active number is still unknown on LinkedIn. Let’s suggest only 50% are still using LinkedIn then which means 450 million people are on LinkedIn. So this is the right platform to search for your next potential client.

Best Linkedin message templates for sales

Open your LinkedIn Navigator into the new window and run your search query and keep it narrow as much as you can. So you can have less number of profiles to reach out to. Instead of a Country targeting a particular place. And you can do this by adding multiple filters from the option. And use these Best LinkedIn Message Templates for Sales to achieve best connection rate.

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How to Select A Niche to Target

Selecting a Niche would play a great role in setting up appointments with potential clients.

Best LinkedIn message templates for Sales

In starting, I would suggest going with your XP( target the area in which you are an expert). And for additional benefits better to have case studies of the services/products sold by you.

So you can mention to the potential clients how you are helping businesses to reach their goals and as you have knowledge about the particular niche so it will be easy for you to offer the right value to the potential clients.

What do we have to do before sending them a connection request with a Custom Message?

Sending a random LinkedIn message templates for connect won’t lead you anywhere near setting up the appointment. So how to grab the attention?

You cannot send a script to everyone cause everyone thinks differently and no one is going to check your message until you mentioned something similar to their interest or let them know how you can help them to get rid of their hurdles.

Time Management plays a great role here.  You have to spend around 10-15 minutes for each profile you are going to reach. To check their activity and to know more about their services/products.

Check what they posted in the last month did they receive any awards in their journey or they published any articles? It will help you understand their pain points.

Best LinkedIn Custom Message Templates for Sales

Instead of just sending the connect request you can use these LinkedIn message templates for connect. To create better chance to have buid a professional relation.

Best LinkedIn message templates for Sales

Here are 12 Best LinkedIn Message Templates for Sales.

1. Hi Name,

How are you doing?

 I’m (Your name), I’m the founder of the company name and we offer (your services)

As we have similar interests so I would love to connect with you and see how we can help each other to grow.

Let’s connect to explore new opportunities!

2. Hi Name,

I am checking out to see if you are interested in exploring other ways to accelerate your business.

Our goal is to help you out with (these Services)

May we connect to understand this in detail? I am just a text/call away.


3. Hi Name,

I came across your profile and was really interested in your background as an (occupation) at (current company). I share a lot of content about the(industry) industry that could be useful to you.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

4. Hi Name,

I’m offering Free SEO audit report for the business if you want it please let me know your thoughts so I can help you to understand how SEO works and how it will help you to generate more leads for your business.

Looking Forward to connecting with you!

5. Hi Name.

I’m offering Free lead Generation services for a month would you like to learn more about it? 

I can help to build a lead generation system through which you’ll never run out of leads.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

6. Hi Name

I’ve stumbled on your profile and found that you’ve been awarded by (award or event name).  Congratulations on winning the (award or event).

I would like to connect and discuss how I can participate. 

Let’s Connect!

7. Hi Name

I’ve stumbled on your website and the services you are offering are great. But I’ve noticed a thing your website is not updated for the last two years and it didn’t have an SSL certificate.

Let’s connect so I can tell you how you can get a Free SSL certificate for your website.

8. Quick Question!

Have you ever used (Google ads, SEO or Digital Marketing services) (choose according to your services) to generate more leads?

9. Did you Know!

A simple trick can help you to generate more leads through LinkedIn. 

Let’s connect so we can discuss how you can use it.

10. Hi Name,

I’ve stumbled on your profile and its looks promising. I’ve noticed that you are facing this hurdle to reaching your goal and I can help you to eliminate that.

Let’s connect so we can discuss the details.

11. When they missed their mobile app for business

Hi Name,

I’ve been on your website and its looks amazing. I’m assuming that you have a huge number of clients and you are still missing your business apps.

Would you like to your clients more freedom with your mobile app?

12. When they have App for only one store.

Hi Name,

I’ve seen you have a mobile app for your  (Android/iOS) store and you missing the other one. 

Would you like to develop an android/iOS version of your app?

Maybe we should go for the rough quotes first?

Let me know your thoughts!


These are the best LinkedIn messages to reach out the potential clients. And I’ve also mentioned pro-bono work cause it would help you to increase your professional network and spread your services into the untapped market. And try to reach as many as possible and make sure your message should be more specific and personalized. And choose your niche as per your forte so you can showcase our skills to the potential clients.

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