Google Update in 2023: Site Management is Changing in Adsense

Google Update in 2023: Site Management is Changing in Adsense

Google is announced that from 20th march 2023, Site Management is changing in Adsense. You’ll see the site tab in your Google Adsense Account. Google claims site tab will make it more user-friendly and help new content creators to monetize their websites. While adding the site tab into AdSense, they will remove the subdomain feature.

What is Site Tab?

Google Update: Site Management is Changing in Adsense

The Sites tab is the starting point for anyone who wants to monetize a new site in AdSense. To make AdSense more user-friendly, Google is redesigning the Sites tab and making some important changes alongside the new look and feel.

Site Management is changing in Adsense

The New Look and Feel

Google changes it into a new look. Now the new Sites tab will show your list of sites in a table with search functionality, similar to how sites are shown elsewhere in AdSense. With his new look, it’s also easy to access. Google is also introducing an ADS Txt column on the sites table to quickly show you the ads.txt status for your sites.

Bye Bye Subdomains

You’ll no longer add or manage subdomains that are part of your existing site. Your existing subdomains will be removed automatically by google. This will not impact ad serving or your earnings.

You can still check which of your website has the subdomain. Just click on the sites tab and scroll down.

Now you can only add Domains (.com, .in etc)

Subdomains whose domain is listed on the public suffix list (e.g.

Sites that are managed by AdSense platform partners (e.g.

Review Time

It will help to reduce the timing of the site review. During the Initial review process, google will provide faster feedback for certain types of issues which they found on the review. Some of these improvements may not be immediate for your account.

Google also mentioned that they are looking to make AdSense better, so users can take full advantage of it.

Dig Deeper with Google Adsense Support

My Thoughts on Site Management is changing in Adsense

It will be a great step from google as we’ve seen in the last few days how people compared their AI chatbot BARD with the ChatGPT. And their AI is kind of a backlash for them.

Variation with the sites tab will help users to easily access it and can check their Ads txt file in it. It will also be helpful for new bloggers who are looking to monetize their websites. Cause the review time will be decreased. And chances are high that within a week they can submit their sites to review again.

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