Google’s new update: Google AI Chatbot Bard

On Monday 6th Feb 2023 Google and Alphabet CEO Mr Sundar Pichai Announced that they are building a Google AI Chatbot Bard and they opening it up to trusted testers and soon they will release it into the market.

Google AI chatbot Bard is based on Language Model for Dialogue Applications  (LaMDA). And google planning to take over ChatGPT with its new AI Chatbot. Google AI Bard provides recent answers to the questions and like openAI ChatGPT it also learns new things with human encounters.

ChatGPT is the biggest competition for google right now and Microsoft is backing chatgpt. Microsoft also announced that they will use AI in Bing search so it’s obvious google will soon launch its AI tool into the market Cause google doesn’t want to lose its number one spot.

Google's new update: Google AI Chatbot Bard

Google is the first one who introduces a set of principles for AI. And they have been working on AI since 2018. Google’s first transformer model is BERT(Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers).

Features of Google AI Chatbot Bard

If we talk about the Google AI chatbot then it’s right to say that it will be more or less like ChatGPT. Google didn’t reveal its full feature list but as per the assumptions You can write blogs and have google AI answer your questions. And it will educate or evolve after human interaction. Like what we have seen in ChatGPT.

Mr Sudar Pichai also tweeted about the Google AI Chatbot Bard and here are the tweets where he talks about his features. He also mentioned that they will open their API for the developer so they can make full use of it.

Google's new update: Google AI Chatbot Bard

How to Get Access to Google AI Chatbot BARD

As mentioned in an article published by MR Sudar Pichai. He clearly stated that Google AI Chatbot is only available for a limited tester. So you can not get access to BARD until Google wants you to try it.

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Pricing of Google AI Chatbot BARD

Google didn’t reveal anything about the pricing of BARD nor they mentioned it will be free for a lifetime. In my opinion, There will be two options for Google AI Chatbot BARD one is free and one is paid. Sooner or later they will add a subscription module into that like ChatGPT as the cost of running AI is too much. And to be in the competition they will not charge more than $20 for a month.

What’s my take on BARD VS ChatGPT

Definitely, BARD is the biggest launch from Google’s side in 2023 and it will get hype like ChatGPT cause everyone is trusting Google more than anything. I’m also excited to learn more about the BARD.

ChatGPT is based  NLP (natural language processing) model chatbot developed by OpenAI and there are other AI writing tools which are based on the NLP model. and Google AI BARD is based on googles new AI Technologies like LaMDA, PaLM, Imagen and MusicLM. So it will be interesting to see how it works.

ChatGPT will have the upper hand cause it launched earlier than Google AI BARD and they are planning to roll out its new and updated version soon. It will be great to watch a battle between big tech gains Microsoft, OpneAI and google. Right now ChatGPT already builds its user base so it will be hard for Google to replace it if, BARD will offer the same features as ChatGPT.

I would love to see how Google AI chatbot BARD responds to the current event as we’ve seen on ChatGPT it can not produce the current event information and if BARD did that then it will be a clear winner and can overtake ChatGPT.

The launch date of Google AI chatbot BARD?

Google Didn’t reveal the launch date. As per the article, they will launch it soon.

Pricing of BARD?

Google didn’t speak about the pricing of BARD. In my opinion, it will be $20 or less for a month.

Can I try BARD?

No, you can’t. BARD is available for limited testers.

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