How to Generate leads from Facebook in 2023

How to Generate leads from Facebook in 2023

As a business owner, it’s never been easier to get in touch with your ideal customer but Facebook opens a gate to connect with multiple people in a short time. Facebook is one of the most used Social Media networks across the globe with 2.85 billion monthly active users worldwide and you can find every type of audience on Facebook. And the expansion of your business depends on quality lead generation. And in this Article, we will discuss how to generate leads from Facebook to generate revenue for your business.

How to Generate Leads from Facebook

There are two methods to generate leads from Facebook and they are Organic and Paid Ads.

1. Organic Method to Generate Leads from Facebook – Organic Lead Generation is a method of luring potential clients to the business without any paid advertisement. You can generate Organic leads from Content Marketing, Groups and Through Search.

How to Generate leads from Facebook in 2023

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A. Groups:- Facebook groups are one of the best ways to generate leads organically. Join groups according to your niche and keep an eye on the group activities post your business website link or a product or service you are proud of and try to communicate with the other member through commenting.

You can share your recent achievement like any award you win recently into the group will increase your business goodwill.

B. Content:- Content can help you to expand your reach to the maximum number of users. Share valuable content daily on topics related to your niche. Value helps to build trust and don’t hesitate to comment on someone’s post to provide the right information. Sharing value doesn’t mean you have to post it only on your wall you can also comment on someone’s posts. Sometimes you have to share your deep knowledge about the niche with potential clients as pro-bono work to get them on board. Content is best for organic lead generation.

Put the right and informative content on your business page so anyone can understand what you are offering and how you can help them.

C. Search:- The search Bar is most useful when it is about lead generation. You can run some keyword queries into your search bar like looking for an app developer and press enter then select posts it will take you to this page.

How to Generate leads from Facebook in 2023

you can select recent posts or you can scroll down the screen to find out the new lead opportunities. There is one drawback in Facebook searches they are not showing results in the latest manner as LinkedIn did. If you have FB Classic access then you can use the latest option.

You can choose keywords according to your niche and keep trying different keywords until you found the right keyword.

2. Paid ADS

How to Generate leads from Facebook in 2023

Paid Ads are one of the easiest ways to generate leads in an instant. If you are looking to generate leads in a short time then paid ads are the best option for you and with Facebook ads, you can run ads at a low budget and reach thousands of users. Facebook ads budget starts from 10 USD.

Facebook ads are the easiest to set up and it also provides the right tool to track your leads you can also track ad performance easily. You can add messenger and WhatsApp buttons to the ads to get leads to sliding into your messages. You can tap the untouched market with the help of FB.


In Professional networks, you will only find people who are into a profession or have a business but Facebook has every kind of audience it has businesses, Startups and Individuals. And in today’s world, we all know how people are motivated to be an entrepreneur. So this is the right time to invest your time on Social Media like Facebook and create brand awareness.

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