LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools To boost Visibility

LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools To boost Visibility

LinkedIn is one of the best Platforms when we talk about valuable content curation. Almost every professional has a profile on LinkedIn and they are always trying to boost their profile because it is a platform where business comes to you with their own if you have the right influence over LinkedIn.

And to Boost the visibility of the profile. LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools in their article section which can help you to rank in Google Search Results.

Now, you can add SEO Titles and SEO Descriptions to your articles and by doing that you make it available for the search engines to show your paper at the top of the search result.

It will also help you to get more subscribers for your Linkedin Newsletter.

List of LinkedIn Updates

SEO Title and SEO Description for Articles

LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools so you can easily change the SEO Title and SEO Description of your LinkedIn Article.

And you can do this with some clicks. To write an article you have to click on the article button which is shown below the post section. Once you are on the article page click the Publishing menu and open the settings.

You’ll see something like this:-

LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools To boost Visibility
ScreenShot from LinkedIn, 24th Feb 2023

Add your SEO Title and SEO Description to that and make your content SEO Friendly so you can rank at the top of Google with specific Keywords.

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Activity Section Upgrade

This is a piece of good news for all content creators now you can display different types of content in the Activity section of your profile.

Soon LinkedIn show posts, videos, Comments and images in the Activity Section. And it will look like this:-

ScreenShot from Search Engine Journal on 24th Feb 2023

Now you can choose which content you want to show first and add this to your featured content to make it more visible.

Newsletter Visibility

With the help of SEO Titles and descriptions, LinkedIn helps content creators to boost their reach. Cause you didn’t need any backlink to reach the top of google when you are writing on LinkedIn. You can easily rank at the top of the search engines with specific keywords and with the help of this new feature you can increase your newsletter subscriber if you are offering the value that a user looking for.

You can also Schedule your newsletter and article on LinkedIn and share it at a specific time according to the geographical location of your targeted country.

After Crafting the article just hit the “schedule” button on the share box and select the date and time when you want to publish your article.

LinkedIn has created a one-click subscribe URL and an embeddable button to benefit the authors.

Focused Analytics

LinkedIn is adding Focused Analytics. Allowing you to check how your content is performing in a focused or targeted place. And to access these features you have to turn on your Creator Mode.

My Thoughts on LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools

When LinkedIn Introduces SEO Tools. I was like this was the best for the new blogger (like me) to rank at the top of google with the highly competitive keywords.

Because we can rank at the top without creating any backlinks for that article. And it will help you to gain the trust of the user and you can redirect those users to your websites. So it’s a win-win situation for the new bloggers.

LinkedIn also helps you to schedule your post which can help to target a specific country, and you can also see how your content is performing so you can adjust your writing style if it’s not working fine in a particular location.

So In my opinion LinkedIn SEO Tools will play a vital role in the content writer’s professional life and also help newbies to reach the top.

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