LinkedIn Updates for 2023 (Introducing New Features)

LinkedIn is the major platform for professionals and businesses to build their audience. And in the Annual preview company announced LinkedIn updates for 2023.

LinkedIn going to add 7 new features to the platform. They didn’t disclose when you can see these new features on LinkedIn but the company clearly indicated that you can have these features before the end of the year.

LinkedIn Plans for 2023 (7 Big Updates)

In this blog, we will discuss Linkedin Plans for 2023 (7 major updates) LinkedIn planning to launch this year. So get prepared yourself and build your strategy in advance on how you are going to utilise these new features to create the audience.

Linkedin Updates for 2023 (7 major updates)

1. Post Scheduling

2. Updates To Job Search

3. Content Analytics

4. Updates To B2B Product Search

5. Alt Text Functionality in Campaign Manager

6. Improved Video Accessibility

7. Standardized Accessibility Job Titles

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LinkedIn Plans for 2023 (7 Big Updates)

1. Post Scheduling:- Post Scheduling is one of the best LinkedIn updates. LinkedIn will soon offer post scheduling button next to the post option. And with the help of the schedule button, you can schedule your post timings and date.

LinkedIn Plans for 2023 (7 Big Updates)

The schedule button will help you to reach your targeted area and audience. It’s a great way to keep connected with your audience even if you are on vacation. Just Schedule your post and you are good to go. You will have full control over our scheduled posts and can easily edit or adjust your post timings.

2. Updates To Job Search: LinkedIn is working on personalized job searches to help casual job seekers to find the right opportunities within their interests without searching. It will help the job seeker to find the latest recruitment updates within their desired companies.

Image Source:- Search Engine Journal

Content Analytics is a crucial part if you are looking to engage with the audience. LinkedIn understands that and they are working on the Creator analytics dashboard so you can get every information about the audience like demographics, Companies and titles etc.

With the help of content analytics, you can see which of your content is performing great. So you can generate more content like that for your audience.

4. Updates To B2B Product Search: Recently LinkedIn updated the product page to help users find out more about the products they want to purchase and with the help of a product page they can directly connect with the sales representative of the company to get more info and make the purchase.

There are almost 90,000 B2B products registered on LinkedIn and you can find them with the help of a LinkedIn search. LinkedIn is planning to add new filters so you can narrow down your search and find relevant products easily.

5. Alt Text Functionality in Campaign Manager: With the help of Alt Text functionality now the campaign manager can add all text in ads images. This enables blind or visually impaired users to understand the images being presented.

6. Improved Video Accessibility: We all witnessed the evolution of videos in our life. Every platform is now more focused on video so LinkedIn decided to improve video accessibility. Captions for your video will automatically be generated by Linkedin you can also edit them before you published the video. And to enhance the video you can on contrast mode through your LinkedIn app.

7. Standardized Accessibility Job Titles: LinkedIn is more focused to make the platform more personalised and standardized. So they add a new feature where you can select accessibility job titles like “Accessibility Engineer” etc and it will help you to get noticed and discovered easily by the recruiters.

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