Twitter Monetization – Eligibility Standards and Earning Methods

When we talk about Twitter the first things that come to our mind are #Trends. Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to send and receive messages, share their thoughts with 280 characters with the help of tweets and follow their desired person to get the latest information about them.

Twitter is launched in 2006 and become popular with its unique working mechanism. Last year Twitter is been on the news last year cause Elon Musk is chasing it and on 27 October 2022, he acquired Twitter for $44 billion. It was the biggest deal in 2022. After acquiring Twitter, Elon Musk has some updates for Twitter and one of them is Twitter Monetization.

Twitter Monetization - Eligibility Standards and Earning Methods

Twitter has around 300 million monthly active users which makes it huge. People are using Twitter for the latest news, Social interaction and opinion sharing.

According to some sources, Elon Musk plans to let  Twitter users make more money from all forms of content—possibly offering a better deal than YouTube’s monetization model—and to give users the ability to create longer posts and videos.

So it is the right time to start promoting your content on Twitter to add an extra source of income or maybe it can become your first source of Income as it claims it will provide better returns than youtube.

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Twitter Monetization Eligibility

Twitter published a big list of its Twitter Monetization Eligibility Guidelines. Which Includes Eligibility criteria, Content and conduct standards ETC.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The minimum age required is 18 years.
  • Must reside in a country in which Twitter’s monetization programs are available. 
  • At least have a 3-month-old account
  • Complete profile information of an account name, a bio, a profile picture, and a header image.
  • If your email is not verified with Twitter then please verify it to make use of Twitter monetization.
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Do not have a state-affiliated media account ( Government Associated Account)
  • Do not violate the Twitter user agreement
  • Connect your Striped Account
  • Must-Have 10,000 followers and 25 tweets in a month.

Twitter Monetization - Eligibility Standards and Earning Methods

Content Standards:- Quality content is the first priority when we talked about Twitter monetization. Twitter also disclosed restricted content categories for Twitter Monetization.

  • IILegal and Restricted Content: There are two categories that land in this Content Standard.
    • IILegal and restricted goods and services in this categories Twitter banned, cannabis and other recreational drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, Weapons and explosives, Gambling, betting, lottery, or raffle products and services, Prescription drugs and medications.
    • Criminal behaviours, Child abuse and sexual depiction of minors, Human or animal abuse, or advocacy of harm to humans or animals, Human trafficking, Piracy and copyright infringement.
    • Exceptions can be done if you create educational and advocacy content against them.
  • Violent Content: As per the name you all can suggest it’s prohibited to share content like Death, Serious injury, Torture and Extreme body modification.
    • The exception can be made in this category if it’s a movie or video game.
  • Sensitive Events: You can monetize your Twitter account if you share info about sensitive events like Natural or industrial disasters, Violent attacks against civilians, Civic disorder and War and armed conflict.
  • False and Misleading Claims: If you are claiming something in your content better to have proof for that. If you do not have proof of that then you can’t monetize your Twitter account.
  • Copyright Content: You can not monetize your account if you are sharing someone else content or content which is not owned by you.
  • Adult content: Twitter didn’t promote adult content so better not to go for this content.

Conduct standards: In Conduct Standards Twitter mentioned the prohibited activities.

  • Solicitation
    • Do not offer or request money in exchange for behaviour or content that is illegal, unlawful, or harmful to you, other people, or animals.  
    • You must not request currency or engagements in exchange for Adult services
    • You must not request or offer currency or engagements in exchange for physical goods and services.
  • Fraud and deception
  • Platform manipulation and spam
  • Local Law

Top Twitter Monetization Countries

Twitter monetization is available in various countries worldwide. The following countries have emerged as popular destinations for content creators to monetize their Twitter accounts:

  1. United States: The United States is a major hub for Twitter monetization due to its large user base and well-established digital advertising industry.
  2. United Kingdom: Content creators in the UK have access to a wide range of monetization opportunities and potential collaborations with brands.
  3. Canada: Canadian Twitter users benefit from the platform’s monetization program, tapping into the country’s vibrant social media landscape.
  4. Australia: With its active Twitter community, Australia offers content creators a chance to monetize their accounts and reach a diverse audience.
  5. Germany: Twitter monetization in Germany provides content creators with access to the country’s thriving digital market and potential brand partnerships.
  6. France: French content creators can leverage Twitter monetization to earn income and connect with a passionate online community.
  7. Japan: Twitter’s popularity in Japan makes it a lucrative market for monetization, enabling users to tap into the country’s active social media scene.
  8. Brazil: Brazilian content creators have the opportunity to monetize their Twitter accounts and engage with a vibrant online audience.
  9. India: Twitter monetization in India offers content creators a chance to showcase their talent, collaborate with brands, and monetize their presence.
  10. South Korea: Content creators in South Korea can monetize their Twitter accounts, taking advantage of the country’s tech-savvy population and digital advertising market.
  11. Mexico: Twitter monetization provides Mexican content creators with opportunities to earn income and connect with a vast online community.
  12. Spain: Spanish content creators can monetize their Twitter accounts, reaching a diverse audience and exploring potential brand partnerships.
  13. Italy: Twitter monetization in Italy allows content creators to monetize their online presence and connect with an engaged social media community.
  14. Netherlands: Dutch content creators can tap into Twitter monetization and leverage their online presence to generate income.
  15. Indonesia: Twitter monetization offers Indonesian content creators the chance to monetize their accounts and engage with a growing online audience.

Earning Methods of Twitter Monetization

Twitter offers different monetization methods which you can use to generate revenue with your Twitter account.

Twitter Monetization - Eligibility Standards and Earning Methods

1. Amplify Pre Roll: Amplify Pre Roll method is created to give more freedom to the content creators to monetize their video content on Twitter and for advertisers to align with brand-safe content.

2. Super Follows: Super Follow is basically a function where you offer your users to follow you for a monthly subscription. You can set your monthly subscription amount. And You can set the price – between $2.99 and $9.99 USD. Your follower also received a super follow badge in their profile.

3. Tips: Your follower can send you money if they like your content as a Tip with the help of third-party payment methods. witter does not take a cut of tips.

What’s My Take on Twitter Monetization

No doubts Twitter is a great place for business. Many businesses generate a lot of leads with the help of Twitter and if you are looking to increase your audience and then Twitter is the right place for you.

Twitter Monetization is a good way to promote your brand while earning money and it is also good for Individuals to build a second income stream. And as per the rumours if they will pay more than youtube. So, definitely, it will be a great choice.

If you are new or don’t have too much following do not go for the super follows. In my opinion, super follow is best for the public figure people would love to know more about them. So better to start with the Amplify pre-rolls.

Please, Read the Twitter Monetization Eligibility carefully so it won’t affect your Twitter account and try to ignore the prohibited content and conduct standards.

Plan out your one-month content and then start posting on Twitter use different hashtags to get notified. It’s better to share videos at the start to build the audience.

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