What if Google doesn’t Exist

What if Google doesn't Exist

Google is the most used search engine worldwide and it is great for business. Google offers many things it provides employment, Opportunities to earn money and knowledge to the users. Suppose, What if Google Doesn’t Exist.

Today will we discuss how it will affect search engines (like Bing and Yahoo), and how it impacts online advertising, technology, and Society if google doesn’t exist.

The impact on search engines What If Google doesn’t exist

If Google doesn’t exist then it’s a piece of good news for Bing. Cause it is the only competitor google has. Bing is the second choice for everyone then it will become the only one.

What if Google doesn't Exist

In my opinion, it’s hard to evolve if you are the only one in the market. Like google is updating its algorithms to be on the top. Cause they know if they will not do it their competitor will take advantage of their laziness and throw out them of the top position.

It will also put an impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO helps you to rank on the first page of the search engine without spending money on ads. There are many factors in SEO like on-page SEO and page SEO and Link building comes under off-page SEO. As everyone follows google guidelines for SEO. If google doesn’t exist then it will be easy to rank at the top of the search engine by using tricks.

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The impact on online advertising

Online Advertising is the most used method for lead generation and businesses prefer Google ads to generate more revenue. Around 53% of paid ads are covered by google and google is dominating it by a humungous margin. What if Google doesn’t exist?

In my opinion, I don’t think there will be a negative impact on online advertising because we have different platforms to run paid ads like Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But one thing is for sure they have a monopoly and the price of the ads will be increased.

The impact on technology

When we talk about technology, Google is the first thing that comes to mind. Not only in business life but in personal life we used google products knowingly or unknowingly for example:- Android Smartphones. (Android is the product of Google). Google has over 271 products, including its search engine. What if google doesn’t exist?

What if Google doesn't Exist

It will be great news for Nokia phones because Nokia’s downfall starts when they didn’t adopt the latest technology (Android) introduced by google. They stuck with the existing technology. If Android was not there, then which platform we are using today? I think the Samsung BADA will be the choice.
(What’s your suggestion comment down below).

Android is just a product out of 271 products there are other products that we are using in our daily life. Like Google maps (It helps a lot to reach the destination), Google Translate ( It helps to convert the content into your language), and GMAIL ( Gmail is a necessity for everything you need an account on social media you should have a Gmail to start with, and for a professional network like LinkedIn you need a Gmail account to signup).

The Impact on society

Google is a big relief for users also they can have any information in seconds with the help of Google. Cause google SEO prefers to show legit content on their top pages. And yes it will put an impact on society cause google has various products which we use in our daily life.

What if Google doesn't Exist

Google is serious about privacy and security if it’s not present then it will be hard to prevent them and it can create a big fuss. If our Data is easily available on the internet then it can make us more vulnerable.

Unemployment will be an issue if google is not there. Google has around 1,50,000 employees. Google not only provides employment it also provides opportunities for the content creator (YouTubers and Bloggers) to showcase their talent to the world and monetize their account to earn money, if it’s not here then it will be hard for the content creators to set up a business based on their passion. Google indirectly participates in the per capita income so definitely it will put a negative impact on society.


The idea of a world without Google is difficult to imagine. Google has become such a fundamental part of our daily lives that it is hard to envision a time without it. From searching for information to navigating the internet, Google has made our online experience more seamless and efficient.

However, it is important to remember that Google is a business, and like all businesses, it is not immune to competition or failure. It is essential for us as consumers to be aware of the alternatives available to us and to not become too reliant on a single company. The internet is constantly evolving, and new technologies and companies will continue to emerge. It is important for us to remain open-minded and adaptable to change.

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