What is Staff Augmentation and IT Staff Augmentation Benefits

In Today’s Fast-paced Business World IT sector is playing a vital role. So every business needs to have a website to be in the race otherwise they’ll lose the essence of their Goodwill.

However, Building a team of experts can be costly and time-consuming. Here Comes Staff Augmentation which plays an important role in reducing the cost of hiring and saving time and keeping up the workforce.

What is Staff Augmentation and IT Staff Augmentation Benefits

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a process of hiring a dedicated resource with a particular expertise which you are lacking or as per the project requirements to augment your existing team. And with the help of the resource you can quickly scale up or down your workforce

You can hire any kind of expert to do your job. It can be an IT professional, Finance Professional to do the book-keeping and other financial tasks and Digital Marketer to run your ads and manage your social media accounts, etc.

Difference between Staff Augmentation and Traditional hiring

S.NoStaff AugmentationTraditional Hiring
1.Fill the position QuicklyTakes time to find the right resources
2.Helps to Quickly scale up the workThe required minimum process to get them onboard
3.Cost EffectiveIf you hire someone permanently then you have to pay a fixed monthly income

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Benefits of Staff Augmentation

What is Staff Augmentation and IT Staff Augmentation Benefits

1. Easy Acess to Skilled Professionals:- You can easily access the pool of skilled workers. It can be beneficial for small as well as for big companies. Companies that don’t have a big budget can hire someone for the project at a lower cost. And big companies can hire skilled workers for specific tech as per the project requirements. You can use a social platform like LinkedIn to hire someone on contract or you can use sites like Upwork to find the right person. Bench resources of a company can also play a role in your contract position.

2. Cost-Effective:- Hiring resources for the project doesn’t put too much load on your pocket. Cause you have to pay him until the project is completed and you pay them the money as per their requirement and no additional benefits like Insurance, Performance bonus and commute expenses etc.

On the other hand, if you hired a full-time employee then he is eligible for all the benefits. And If he served you for more than 5 years then he is also eligible for the gratuity. That’s why Staff Augmentation is cost-effective if you need resources for a limited period.

3. Reduces the Risk of Hiring the Wrong Person:-When you hired someone temporarily it automatically reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job. You can change your resources as soon as you know they are not the right fit for the job and can hire a new resource. But if hired a full-time employee then it’s hard to change them quickly as companies invested so much in their employee growth and didn’t want to go that in vain.

4. Faster Hiring Process:- Hiring a Full-time employee required a lot of effort and the company has to follow their onboarding process, It can take a lot of time. On the other hand, Staff Augmentation can be done quickly and the company didn’t have to follow their onboarding process to hire skilled professionals for temporary work.

5. Flexibility:- Staff augmentation provides flexibility, allowing you to scale your team up or down as needed. This is especially useful during peak seasons or when you have a sudden increase in workload. You can hire professionals for a specific project or a longer period, depending on your business needs.

How IT Staff Augmentation Works

1. First step is to Identify which skill we are lacking for the project and the scope of that skill in the future. It will help you to determine whether you need a full-time employee or a contract-based employee.

2. Find a suitable provider who can help you to find the right candidate for your contract-based position. How to find a suitable provider? Check their website, Client reviews and track record and ask for them to provide a case study of their recent projects. It will help you to find the right Staff Augmentation provider.

3. Work with your provider to prepare the job description of the required profile. It includes the skills, experience and qualifications of the required candidate.

4. Once the Job description is created then your provider will share some profiles with you. Select the most related profile as per your job description.

5. After selecting the right candidate from the list, you have to give them directions on what they’ll do in the project and what you are expecting from them. And introduce them to the team so they will collaborate effectively and provide great results.

6. Once the project Is completed the augmented IT professionals will be released from their position.


Staff Augmentation is a cost-effective solution for Small and Big companies. It is Flexible and helps companies to set up their team of professionals quickly.

Companies can easily find skilled professionals as per their needs and they didn’t have to invest in their training. Companies can easily scale their workforce by adding resources. Staff Augmentation may be a perfect solution for companies who are looking for temporary resources for the project as it saves money and time for the companies is flexible and reduces the risk of hiring the wrong person.

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